Companies throughout South Africa are hiring temporary employees. There are a few reasons why this form of hiring employees on a short term basis is being adopted. Our current economy is quite unpredictable at this stage. Business owners are watching economic developments such as the electricity crisis and labour strikes closely. With the economy in mind, many plans for business are being made with a short term approach.

Temporary staff can at times be a lifesaver and integrating them into your department successfully allows for little to no disruption in business activities. Temporary staff can be utilized for long term or short term assignments. They can fill a gap professionally when your permanent staff members take annual leave or when a specific short term project requires more staff. Hiring a temporary employee while searching for a permanent hire can help to ensure that you have time to find the right match for the position without rushing into a decision.

Often a company will need to hire staff and usually the first idea is a permanent hire. A temporary staff solution has many benefits which should also be considered. When it comes to hiring permanent staff there is the added necessity for ongoing monthly employee benefits as well as additional payroll administration. If one had to look at the costs of an in house HR Department to handle benefits and payroll processing it may be well worth it to look at partnering with an agency who can provide temporary employees. The recruitment agency will take over the entire process at an all-inclusive rate. If one is requiring a temporary staff member urgently and simply do not have the time to search and interview someone may be available to you immediately through an agency.

Most employers will over time get to know their employees. The ones that stand out have certain qualities that most employers will appreciate. These qualities will be applicable whether you stay with the company or leave for greener pastures. There are certain employee qualities an employer will look for and appreciate. These qualities will also leave a longer-lasting and better impression with the employer.