Choose the right Recruitment Agency

Choose the right Recruitment Agency

If you are wanting to focus on business and grow successfully, it’s imperative that you have the right candidates or employees to help you achieve your ambitions. The right recruitment agency can help to relieve the pressure of finding the best staff for the position.

There are plenty of recruitment agencies to choose from but it is best to choose the right one to ensure your requirements as an employer are met. Here are some points to consider when outsourcing your recruitment….

Ensure that they have the experience of successfully filling vacancies in your particular business sector.

Will they advertise the position for you and where will they advertise for it? Are they choosing the right medium especially if the position  is  industry specific.

Do they have an established database of recruitment candidates? It’s not just the number that matters but also the quality of the candidates on their database.

Do they offer services for temporary and permanent recruitment? Each company is different and you may have unique staffing needs.

Do they handle Ad Response? This will save you from having to sort through hundreds of CV’S and trying to shortlist candidates. This can be extremely stressful and time consuming. They should be able to handle this for you and present you with a short list of the most suitable candidates.

What percentage of roles are they successfully filling and have they filled job positions for your particular Industry.

The right Recruitment agency will present a combination of professionalism, experience and knowledge to ensure you hire the right person for the position.

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