Truck Driver Code 14 USA

Truck Driver Code 14  - USA - R40 000 - R70 000
 This position required a code 14 license with 3 years' experience driving code 14 ( truck and trailer)
This is for immigration to the USA. You will be gaining a Greencard visa and this will allow you to have permanent residence in the USA after 4 years. The salary is between R40 000 and R70 000 per month.
Due to this there is a lot that needs to be done to apply for this position.
We do hold briefings to discuss in full and to help you complete paper work, however you need to know what it entails before applying. This way we are also guarantee candidates who are serious about this position.
Please see list below required before we can send your application.
    1. A questionnaire we will fill out with you however we need to know
      1. Full CV with start and end dates of all employment. Dates must be 100% correct (1 November 2018 to 12 December 2018) not just the month
      2. Full address and managers full name
      3. Your spouse and children's full names and ID (birthdates)
      4. Full physical address where you live.
2. ID
3. Drivers
4. Passport  valid for 18 months
5. Medical that will need to be done that cost R1400 (we will require this once you have applied within 1 week of application)
6. Unabridged Marriage and Birth certificate - if you do not have this we will require proof of payment that you have applied for this)
7. Family questionnaire (we will help you complete)
8. USA visa if you have ever had one before
We then send in the application and get an offer.
When you received the offer you  will be required to have
    1. An original reference needs to be collected from the client
    2. Police Clearance (not older than 6 months)
    3. A USA Embassy medical +- R7475
USA Embassy interview