Accounts Clerk

    • Print and match goods issue vouchers and complete GIV spreadsheet
    • Debtor invoicing (shared responsibility with Debtors Controller).
    • Debit note for bin spaces on weekly basis
    • Confirm overtime charges with Cold Store on a weekly basis.
    • Credit and re-invoicing for any invoice amendments.
    • Miscellaneous debit/credit notes - neaten debtor statements (debtor overpayments/short payments)
    • Check  statements vs debtors remittance advice and highlight any differences
    • Sorting documents between all four Logistics trucks; checking what deliveries are outstanding and requesting and following up missing info
    • Check POD attachments for Logistics - capture invoice numbers onto spreadsheet
    • Check all attached docs on Truck Bookings and calculate the weight x rate
    • Printing invoices at month end
    • Calculating transport documents that reception passed onto accounts and ensuring correct docs attached
    • Create pro forma's on request
    • Filing of Experian reports sent at month end
    • Perform debtors controller role when debtors controller is away
    • Foreign payments - check documents; prep for payment; add to cashflow schedule; ensure its signed off on for payment and copy & scan foreign payments at day-end to Purchasing  
    • Preparing Department of Agriculture and permit payments
    • GRV's - check attachments; enter-match on GP
    • Transport expenses - check and capture on GP
    • Match invoices to credit card statements and obtain authorisation from credit card holders for company credit cards
    • Check invoices and costings attached against what is captured on the spreadsheet; capture on GP
    • Storage Invoices - check invoices against Client records on RMS and capture on GP
    • Check the container numbers Vet invoices against RMS, calculate the total for vet-testing charges; add all charged container numbers onto spreadsheet. Mark schedules & check containers accrued for have been billed by the Vets
    • Prepare requisition for the weekly bonus cheque for cold store
    • Perform creditors/cashbook controller role when creditors/cashbook controller is away
Qualifications & Experience
Grade 12
Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (ERP/Accounting system and Operating System) and Microsoft Excel.
At least 1 year experience
Cold Storage experience would be an added advantage