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We thought that in our latest blog we would share some tips for new employees just starting in their new job. At Affirmative Portfolios we provide staffing solutions to employers and assist candidates with finding the perfect temporary or permanent job.

If you are employing a new staff member, whether temporary or permanent, it is important to get a candidate assessment as employing can at times be quite stressful for a business owner. For peace of mind, rather get the candidate assessed and get the right employee from the start. The employer will be assured that the job applicant is able to handle the position and fit in with the company’s staff and ethos.

Many professional and successful businesses today are acquiring the services of a Recruitment Agency to source temp staff. Often the business will decide that they want temporary staff on a continuous or regular basis. The type of temporary staff recruited may vary according to the type of projects or assignments. Some of these staff choices can be based on the requirements for a specific skill-set.

Today, more companies are opting for temporary employees to fill company positions as it offers more flexibility without more permanent staff overheads. Company structures are changing to keep up with new technology, expenditure overheads and competition in various sectors. Companies are choosing part-time employees over sourcing more permanent hires.