Temporary Employment

Temporary Employment

Temporary work is flexible by nature and as such you will be placed at different clients for varied lengths of time.  Many candidates view temporary work as a ‘career’, and enjoy the variety and flexibility that temporary work offers.  Others view it as a stop-gap in the search for a permanent position.


Benefits of Temporary work include:temporary employment


  • Assists in keeping your skills levels up whilst you are waiting for the perfect permanent position.
  • Enables you to get a foot in the door with a specific client and build good references
  • Many candidates are offered permanent positions with the client at which they are temping
  • Provides flexible working hours in terms of time-off between assignments
  • Generates income while waiting for a permanent position


Should you wish to register for temporary work or short term employment,please click on the link below.  Candidates registered for temporary assignments, will also be considered for permanent positions unless otherwise stipulated.


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